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    Quick filters not giving relevant values

    Divya Yenikapati

      Hi All,


      I am observing a different behavior in tableau when trying to use quick filters with the option "Show relevant values"


      Let me explain what am I trying to do clearly.


      I have created two views say 1. chart  2. Table and I have 6 to 7 global filters which are applied in the views. Now when I start creating my dashboard I have an option when I select chart it should show me chart and when I select table it should show me table. Till here every thing works fine. I have 4 filters ( Product category, Product Sub category,State ,District ) which are all global.

      I have pulled product category and sub category from chart view and state and district from table view.

      Sub category and District I have checked for 'show relevant values' based on category and state selection.


      Now when I change the parameter to display the view in the dashboard as "Table" the district values goes out when I make the view to "Chart" the sub category values go out.


      Please can any one help me with this issue so that the values can come. This is required ASAP. Thank You