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    % of full population

    Aaron Smith

      think I need a calculated field for this... but wondering if I have say three dimensions on the sheet and then the "number of records" for each final category. Is there an easy way I can show the % that each of those numbers represents from the full population in my data set? 




      A  Aa   Aaa    15    (15 is x% of A+B)

           Ab   Abb    10   (10 is x% of A+B)

                  Abc    3     ...

      B    Ba  Baa    3

                  BaB    20


      Thanks for your help.


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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Aaron:


          You'll get the best help possible if you can mock up a sample packaged workbook to post here (twbx file).  Please create a mocked example using the Superstore data provided with Tableau, or you can alternatively randomize a subset of your actual records in Excel, and use that as a new data source for demonstration/Forum purposes.  You'll likely have a solution to your question very quickly, once you post a workbook.


          A forum member created this helpful post for more information on why we ask for this:

          Posting a Perfect Question