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    Ranking with filters

    Sandeep Mhatre

      My requirement is, in tableau worksheet i am using a Rank Function.


      It works fine in my worksheet, ranking is working fine.


      When i add this worksheet in dashboard and i have provided the link on the rank column.


      So if i click on the link it should navigate to details dashboards, in this dashboard the ranking gets wired.


      please suggest solution



      dashboards 1

      sample Data with example


      COLUMN1     cOLUMN2       COLUMN 3

      CLIENT1            1                     28

      CLIENT2            2                    43

      CLIENT3            3                    56

      CLIENT4            4                    45








      COLUMN1      cOLUMN2      COLUMN 3

      CLIENT4              4                  45


      SO In above example in dashboard 1 if i click first row or CLIENT4 then i navigate to dashboard 2 so i want the dashboard 2 view as output.



      please suggest the solution.



      revert for any queries.