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    Tableau performance issue

    savita khyadi

      Dear Tableau Developers,


      Here is my Issue


      Am using Tableau 8.1, and am basically working with odata connection in Tableau. So in our organization we use one search engine, from search engine we get Facebook, twitter data(streaming data) in the form of url, so odata was very fast for 1000 records, but above 1000 records, it crashes, its not even slow, so we left that approach.


      Now we built one Java API, and started pulling data from that API into TDE, Here for 1000 records it took 5 minutes, but for 5000 records it took 28 mints, we have totally 2,00,000(2 lakhs of records so it will take more than 10 hrs.), so performance is very very very bad here. Is there any way we can do performance tuning, if I do TDE(It acts like in memory so next time when I do refresh it does incremental update) or can I do some changes in odata performance? Am entirely new to Tableau, so Kindly help me to resolve this issue .


      Waiting for your response.


      Thanks & Regards