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    Tableau load balancer config

    Jeff Strauss

      I have a load balancer external to my Tableau cluster to handle incoming traffic and set routing rules.  It requires a secure connection (443) and then will forward traffic onto my Tableau cluster via a non-secure connection (80).  Has anybody worked with the gateway.public tabadmin settings and can offer any advice because the instructions are crappy and nothing seems to have worked so far?  I've turned off auto login for now to get this far on my dev box.


      Here's my problem, when using the load balancer URL, it does the proper routing to my Tableau login page, and then I pick the site, but then when I expect to see content, I get a 404 error because there is a redirect happening somewhere to port 80.  When I use an unsecure connection with my load balancer, then all works ok, but this is not what is desired.