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    Notes from June 24 BTUG @ Broad

    Zach Leber

      Thanks to all who attended last night's BTUG @ Broad, especially the large contingent from Maine who came down for the evening.


      After networking and snacks, the event kicked off with a presentation by Natalie Marsh and Darren Bycoff from Alteryx who demonstrated their software for data bending and advanced analytics. Alteryx workflows generate Tableau TDE files which can be directly imported and visualized. Free 14-day trials are available from their website.

      Data Blending and Advanced Analytics Software - Alteryx Analytics


      The keynote came from Tableau Zen Master Jonathan Drummey of Southern Maine Health Care, presenting insights, diagrams, and examples from his forthcoming book on de-mystifying the complexities of Tableau analytics. More can be found on Jonathan's blog.

      Drawing with Numbers | Thoughts on data visualization and Tableau


      Finally, Zach Leber from Broad Institute demonstrated two apps developed with Tableau to search and retrieve samples from the Broad's freezer system which stores over one million samples across dozens of freezers. The collapsing layout containers were based on this Interworks blog post.

      Using Layout Containers to Hide Views on Your Tableau Dashboard | InterWorks, Inc.


      Below is a diagram from Jonathan's session showing the 88 steps in the Tableau analytics pipeline.

      Tableau Underground.jpg

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Thanks for posting this, Zach! One comment on the pipeline graphic: what I showed is a draft version, there are some steps we've found that aren't listed in the pipeline and some parts need to be reordered. For example, what I learned from you about how TOTAL calcs can be computed as a separate query in the data source. I still haven't figured out how to describe those in a way that makes sense.