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    Consultancy at Univ. of Washington-Seattle

    Steve Kerr

      This position description is now posted on the State of Washington WEBS system.  Please take a look and see if you are interested -- thanks!!





      RFP 14-0054


      University of Washington Educational Outreach is issuing a Request for Proposal, RFP to hire a consultant to prepare Tableau templates.  The underlying data for these templates come from the Canvas learning management system and other tools used for online instruction. 


      1. Background

      UW Educational Outreach (UWEO), the University’s division that supports continuing education, professional development and online learning, is implementing two new online degree completion programs.  UWEO is putting into place a web- based system of learning analytics to support students, enable us to monitor program effectiveness, and give quick feedback to instructors.  It relies on oversight and decision-making by advisors and instructors. UWEO has already created a part of the system to identify and support struggling students.  Currently we are working to analyze more student data from online courses.  It is our intent to develop graphic representations of student progress to share with instructors in the programs.


      1. Scope of Work
      2. Create Tableau report templates that will capture and massage analytics data from Canvas and other online learning support tools (e.g., Adobe Presenter, Coaching Companion [a purpose-built video posting and commenting tool]). 
      3. Assist in conducting focus groups with faculty around the usefulness of the Tableau reports.
      4. Assist in creating a manual for orienting faculty and staff to the use of Tableau reports generally, which may consist of providing a detailed outline of steps, procedures, etc. for working with Tableau and the other tools currently used by UWEO.
      5. Work principally with UWEO’s Retention Analytics Specialist and a faculty adviser on this project.  Work may also include some interaction with UWEO's team of instructional designers and program managers involved with these programs.


      1. Period of Service

      July 15, 2014 - early autumn 2014. 

              The University does not anticipate the selected contractor’s involvement beyond the stated end     date. However if the university determines it is necessary to increase the contractor’s involvement,          the University may amend any awarded contract to increase the contractor’s involvement.  Such an      amendment, if any, to increase or decrease the dollar value and extend the period of performance         shall be at the sole discretion of University



      1. Content of Proposal

              Please provide the following:

      1. Proposed project plan
      2. A proposed hourly rate for the engagement
      3. Resumes or other evidence of qualifications for the project, including experience with Tableau including designing report templates for using Tableau service/cloud services.
      4. Familiarity with SQL and other data formats
      5. Experience drafting documentation
      6. Ability to listen to customers feedback regarding design
      7. 2 References for prior projects of this type, preferably in an academic environment.



      1. Evaluation Criteria

              Evaluation of responses will be made on the following basis:


                      Cost                                                                                       30%

                      Contractor Experience and project plan                 50%

                      References                                                                         20%


              UW reserves the right to conduct references on finalist vendors based on its scoring of the Cost       and Contractor Experience/Project Plan portions of the evaluation.  UW additionally reserves   the right to request a presentation or conference call with finalist vendors.


      1. Timetable:

      Issue of RFP                                                                                               Wednesday, June 18, 2014                                         

      Submission of Proposals due                                              Tuesday, July 1, 2014


              Due to the short time frame of this project, the University reserves the right not to reply vendor   inquiries.


      1. Submission of Proposals

      Proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment to an e-mail to the RFP Coordinator, at the e-mail address below.  Attachments to e-mail shall be in Microsoft Word format or PDF titled RFP UW 14-0054 Company Name.   Each submission shall be labeled appropriately including for all attachments. Zipped files cannot be received by the UW and cannot be used for submission of proposals.  Proposals shall not be transmitted using facsimile transmission.


      The proposal must have a scanned signature of the individual within the organization authorized to bind the Consultant to the offer.  The UW does not assume responsibility for problems with Consultant’s e-mail.  If the RFP Coordinator’s email is not working, appropriate allowances will be made. E-mail proposal to:


      Vendor may send proposal electronically to individual listed below and include the RFP name.

              Send Proposals to:


      Dawn Lake, Senior Contracts Manager dawnlake@uw.edu










      Standard Contractual Provisions (Attachment A)

      The attached Standard Contractual Provisions, Attachment A, will automatically be incorporated into any contract award as a result of this solicitation.  Vendors will sign the attached Standard Contractual Provisions and return it with their proposal. In no event, is a Vendor to submit its own standard terms and conditions in response to this solicitation.



      Data Security Agreement (Attachment B)

      If, during the course of the performance, administration, or maintenance of this contract, or any extension or renewal thereof, Contractor acquires, uses, or otherwise obtains access to ‘University Data’ or ‘Confidential Data’ as those terms are defined in the UW’s Data Security Addendum, a copy of which is available at http://www.washington.edu/admin/purchstores/docs/security.pdf and is incorporated herein, then the UW and Contractor agree that all of the terms and conditions of the UW’s Data Security Addendum shall apply.