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    Replicating Excel Dashboard That Uses Pivot Tables

    A.J. Ferrara

      I have an Excel dashboard that contains both summarized and detail data.  With Excel, you can anchor on a summarized calculation and use it in calculations in a detail report and you can summarize data from other pivot tables and use them within detail calculations.  How would I do this in Tableau?  Due to the amount of detail data, the data that needs to be summarized ahead of time is always overstated.


      I thought about writing custom queries to bring in separate data sources (detail + summarized versions).  Is there a way to handle this with table calculations?  I have tried window_sum, but this only works if key dimensions are included in the report.  I want to be able to perform calculations based on dimensions not in the report.


      For example:


      I may have a list of plane parts and I want to include averages at the  plant level in the calculations.  I am unclear how to marry aggregate and detail data into one report.