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    Hide connection details fro packaged workbook.


      I am taking extract using custom SQL query.

      Is there a option I can hide all connection details from users when I send packaged workbook to them?

      Looks like they can go to sheet data>edit connection and can view all connection properties. Hiding sheet does not work out as, it can be easily changed to unhide.


      Any help is highly appreciated!




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          Aaron Clancy

          Create an extract and connect directly to that extract as a data source.  There's no connection info in a TDE.


          If you already have your workbook created, then you would do the following steps:


          Extract your data from your connection.

          Save that TDE somewhere.

          Connect to a new data source of type "Tableau Data Extract"

          Navigate to the extract and select ok.

          Then "Replace Data Source" so that the extract is now your primary connection

          Close your old connection that has the data source info with it.