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    Notes from May 27 NJ User Group @ J&J

    Lee Feinberg

      Tom Lee from the Journal of Commerce shared two dashboards.  The first used "treemaps as bars" to show the overall size of markets and the breakdown of the markets.  His lessons learned were to limit the number of colors and the level of detail so the treemaps do not look like "crocodile skin."  His second used bubble charts more as a navigation tool than for analysis.  The group discussed their experiences with both of these new chart types, and had specific comments about having no control over the bubble layout, and like with the treemap, too many bubbles diminishes the usefulness (and bar charts might work better).


      We also had two folks from J&J present.


      Oduntan G. Bode -- who goes by Bode and is a Manager in Analytics and Transportation Optimization, shared his supply chain dashboards and a presentation to senior management that won his team top honors as an innovation project at J&J.  Congratulations Bode!  They were immediately able to see opportunities to save money, before the dashboards launched.


      Gil Gani is a Senior Analyst with the Data Innovation Team.  His team reduced a 60 page PowerPoint to one interactive Tableau dashboard.  The team invested a significant amount of work to normalize and align data from 22 sources.  They also focused on simplifying the user experience, i.e. they did not just replicate the PowerPoint format into Tableau.