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    Mapping a pattern

    Adwait Joshi

      Whats the best way to map a pattern in Tableau. I want to track a pattern of certain activity for eg. Step 1 occurs, then Step 2 occurs then Step 3 occurs. I want to pre define the path and then map to see how many people actually follow through and how/where they drop of that pattern. Is that even possible ?

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          Hello Adwait,


          In order to recommend the best chart type, we'll need a bit more information. When you say "map", are you referring to a a map of physical space, or something like a flow-diagram? If you have ways of detecting when each person is in each "step", you could use something like a funnel chart to show how many drop off between steps.


          Is there any more information you can give us about the data structure or visualization type?


          - Jordan