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    How to link data based on fields not included in the primary table?

    Neil Paine

      I need to create full outer joins for data in 5 tables based on two keys (Date & Project ID), and then have the ability to join/filter based on Project Class, Date & Project ID. (Tables are server queries into Oracle).


      My table structure is as follows


      Details TablePlan TableActuals TableInternal Order TableExternal Order Table
      Project Class
      Project IDProject IDProject IDProject IDProject ID
      $ Value$ Value$ Value$ Value


      I am using the Details Table as the primary table in order to filter by Project Class and then return all $ Value results for the Project IDs. (The Details Table maintains a dynamic list of thousands of Project IDs associated with a static list of ~10 Project Classes).  I must limit based on Project Class and then look at the resulting set of Project IDs across a set of Dates.


      When I try to add a second level link based on Month(Date), the date link fails. I have established the connection under Data > Edit Connections, but I do not have the option to activate the link between Dates.  Similarly, I can create charts linked by Date but then cannot also link & filter by Project Class.


      Is there a way to link & filter by fields from multiple 'primary' tables?  Am I missing something else here?


      Thank you in advance for your help