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    View Selected Filters when using Multiple Data Sources

    Aksha Kurtarkar

      I am using two data sources, For now I have setup the actions so that it gets passed to the other data source.


      I have 2 dashboards, 4 worksheets, 2 data sources, 3 action filters.

      • The 1st dashboard has 3 work sheets using same data source ( data source A).
        • Branch Worksheet:
          • The worksheet displays the Branch(s)
        • Master Client Worksheet:
          • The 2nd displays the Master Client(s)
        • Client Worksheet:
          • and the 3rd displays the Client(s).
        • Created 3 action filters in Dashboard 1.
            • Branch Filter,
            • Master Client Filter
            • and Client Filter
            • Within the filter I have linked the "Source field" in "data source A" to "Target filed" in "data source B"
      • The 4th worksheet uses data source B.
        • The selections in the Data source A ( Branch, Master Client and Client) are passed on to Data source B using action filter.
        • I dragged and dropped the action filters into the "filter space" of the 4th work sheet.
        • Then edited the "Title" of the 4th worksheet and inserted the fields Branch, Master Client and Client".
        • However it only displays the "Client" selection and not the Branch and Master client selection.
          • that may be possible because :"Branch filter" only affects "Master client worksheet"
          • and the "Master Client Filter" affects the "Client Worksheet"
          • The Client worksheet finally affects the "Data source B"


      How do I show Branch and Master Client Selection?