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    Align two worksheets in a dashboard using a date filter

    Gonzalo Vasquez


      I'm currently designing a dashboard where i need to align two worksheets applying a date filter. It looks perfect when I apply the entire date range, but the issue comes when I filter by a determined date range (09/12/2011 - 11/28/2012, just to give an example).

      I would like the "NATIONAL"  worksheet to only display the sub-categories that are filtered in ALABAMA for that specific date range.


      Hope its clear what im trying to do.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Gonzalo,


          It depends on the desired outcome. Are you just trying to show Alabama and National side by side. If so, it may be easier to create the view on the same worksheet. One way you can do this would be to use data blending. For example, first go to the Alabama sheet. Duplicate the Superstore data source (right click on it and select Duplicate). Then, making sure that the duplicate source is selected, add Sales to the sheet. If desired, right click on the header and select Edit Alias, and change the name to National Sales. Finally, you'll have to link Order Date (simply click on the orange link next to Order Date on the secondary source).


          I have reattached your workbook here.


          Hope this helps!