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    Rolling Backlog Calculations

    Steven McCaa

      I have a database of case data. Each record has a case opened and case closed date. Like this


      Case #Case Opened DateCase Closed Date


      I need to create a report that tells me the number of cases that were open each week. Logically I can do this.


      I take the current open cases. Add this weeks closed cases, and subtract this weeks open cases, and I get the previous weeks open cases. However I don't know how to execute on this in Tableau.


      I have created a sheet that shows me opened cases in a week and another sheet that shows closed cases per week. But don't know how to calculate across sheets.


      I did find this example (#5 Top 10 Tableau Table Calculations | Tableau Software), but that assumes you have a table of weeks with open & closed data.


      Any help?