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    Shading on Workbook Changes when Published to Server

    Nate Valentin

      I have Tableau Desktop 8.1.6 and we are running Tableau Server 8.1.3 and we have been experiencing the same issue for months now... When we publish a dashboard with shading once it goes up on the Server the shading changes. See the images attached. I have played around with the transparency settings and still no luck. I have tried opening the dashboard on Chrome, Mozilla and IE and they all render the same...


      Anyone have this issue, or know of a workaround? Thanks


      On Desktop.pngPreview Icon Once Published.pngRendered in Browser.png

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Nate -


          If you can dependably reproduce this, please open a case with the fine folks at Product Support. They should be able to help you figure out what's going on here.


          Out of curiosity - are you seeing this across multiple workbooks, or does there seem to be only a single  "weird one" that exhibits this behavior? Might be interesting to re-create what you've built in a brand new workbook and see if the same thing happens.