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    Need Onsite Specialist for Setup of Client Data and Training

    Stephen Farr-Jones

      ADM Marketing a 60 yr old Direct Marketing company based in Burbank California specializing in trackable direct marketing vehicles (back to individual households or businesses via direct mail, email, promotions etc.) working in the B to C space.  We are a dynamic fast growing company with interesting data to present to a customer set who are going to be blown away by Tableau's capabilities.


      We have already bought and installed several Tableau licenses/seats.  We need an immediate 40 to 80 hour (or more if they do well) onsite temp contractor to come in and help us set it up using our own client’s data and then potentially train us.  Goal is to in next 5 to 10 working days take data from regularly updated Excel, CSV, Tab databases, prep it for use in Tableau (field headers, geocode - we have people who can do the basics outside Tableau), bring into Tableau, blend etc., and mainly create from scratch both reports and dashboards to research and analyze customer data in Tableau (we have prelim report versions in other software) and be able to help us use what you setup and, potentially, support us on an ongoing basis.


      You can reach me via Email stephen@multiunitmarketing.com or at the office now O 888 731 2366

      Hoping someone can help us out!