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    Fill below for squares

    Brittany Fong

      I am working on a "schedule" type view for a client.  Currently I have created by vendor the number of weeks by event type.  So Vendor 1 has 8 weeks of Event Type A (1 square on vendor 1 and 8 weeks).  What I want to show is 8 squares that are all colored for event type A for Vendor 1.


      I have created a sample workbook.  The first tab shows what I currently have and how the data is formatted in the table.  The second tab is a mock up of what I want to see.



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          Zac Hilbert



          I think the key is your mock up.  If you are able to reformat the original data into the format you used for your mock up data, I think your problem is solved.  Do you have the ability to transform the original data? I can think of ways to automate that transformation using either SQL, Excel or other tools depending on the source of the data.  I think coming up with a Tableau solution that makes use of the original data will probably be difficult if it is possible at all.



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            Brittany Fong

            I was hoping that wasn't the case.  But I already started transforming the data to fit the mock up.  Thanks for the input!