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    Would like 'Grand Total' to be a simple summation of above figures in table.

    Johnny Hilgers



      Was wondering if anyone could possibly help me figure out a work around for my 'Grand Total' row.


      There are 3 columns that are involved here: 'Price', 'Lead Volume', and 'Total Spend'. The 'Total Spend' column is a simple custom calculation: 'Price' X 'Lead Volume'. This calculation works well until we get to the 'Grand Total'.


      I have used the 'Total All' feature for the 'Grand Totals' but it is not working for the 'Total Spend' because it is using the same calculation as the primary table: 'Price' X 'Lead Volume'. The 'Lead Volume' total is correct but the 'Price' in the 'Grand Total' is an average calculation, therefore not getting me the right 'Total Spend'.


      Is there a way for me to change the 'Total Spend' column ONLY in my 'Grand Total Row' to just sum up everything above it?


      I hope this made some sense. Thank you very much to anyone that takes the time to read this and especially to those who reply.