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    How to calculate Logical Sub Totals

    Phanindra Pokala

      Hi Friends,


      I need some suggestion regarding: How to calculate Logical Sub totals?

      I have created a sample worksheet with Employee data having Emp Name ,Department and Salary. Please find the attached twbx file for your reference. In the attachment you can find two sheets namely: Using Sub totals and With Index, in the first sheet i have calculated the subtotals for individual departments which was quite straight forward.In the second sheet i have created an Index calculated field and tried to display the department name for all the employees.I tried to calculate the Sub totals but it is displaying for every individual record,but i need the sub total for each department as in the first sheet. How to achieve this ?

      My out put should as shown in the below image:

      Many Thanks in Advance.My Outpt.bmp