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    Memory creep with Tableau Server 8.1.4

    Dru Duos

      We installed Tableau Server 8.1.4, 64 bit, on Windows server.  After installed and testing a number of views our Used Physical Memory was at about 32%.  Over the last week we've watched the Used Physical Memory creep up to about 52%.  The used memory does not seem to be released.  I'll check the server in the middle of the night, when no one is logged into Tableau, and the used physical memory is remains at the high for that day.  It seems to ratchet up by a few percentage points each day.


      We have two visqlserver.exe processes running, which seem to be the processes that keep ratcheting up the Used Physical memory.


      I've also noticed in the Tableau Admin tab, viewing User Activity, I'll have multiple instances of a user's login ID, with status Idle.  Some of the session's Last Activity Time will be several hours old.  In general idle sessions are cleared out overnight, so I'm assuming one of the background tasks is deleting these idle sessions.


      We have the visqlserver.session.expiry,timeout set at the default 30 minutes.


      Should I be concerned about the multiple instance of a user's login ID with lengthy idle statuses?


      We've run the tabadmin restart command and seen the Used Physical memory drop back down to about 32%, but it seems to just ratchet up by a few percentage points each day.


      Do we need to schedule a tabadmin restart to clear memory?