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    Grand Total Problems

    Heidi Barnes



      I am working on a self-service report for our marketing folks to use for creating mailing lists.


      I have 2 worksheets, one with the list of customers and the various attributes and another with a grand total.  I have then pulled them together on a dashboard, along with the filters so as they choose what they want, the grand total updates so they know the count before they export.


      The problem is that my grand total is not correct.  On the mailing list tab, I am coming up with 26,842 rows if distinct customers.  The grand total tab (which has all of the exact same filters as they are set to global) is showing a countd(customerid) of 27,022.


      When i pull the actual customerid into the sheet, the grand total matches.  I then remove the customerid field and the total initally matches, but if i change any filter, they do not match again.


      All filters are global, so there is no disconnect between the sheets.



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Heidi Barnes,


          Welcome to the Community forums.  Questions related to Totals and Grand totals are one of the more frequent questions we hear.


          One of the features added to version 8.1 is to define the aggregation of choice for Totals. By default, a Total of a Countd() field will be the Total Unique Count of the dimension in question. This is by design and expected.  However, you can change this behavior to a Sum() of the Countd() of a dimension that has been partitioned by another Dimension.


          In the example attached on the tab "Total Using Sum", I have modified the Measure on the Labels shelf to utilize "Sum" rather than "Automatic".  To arrive at this same value in Tableau 8 or earlier, we would need to utilize a Table Calculation with the calculation Window_Sum(countd([Customers])) as a separate field rather than as a total. 


          select sum for totals.jpg


          There are several posts in the forums related to totals and grand totals as well including this excellent post by Jonathan Drummey with links to his blog site explaining Sub Totals and Grand Totals in great detail.


          I hope this helps,