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    Errors with Infobright Community Edition

    Tableau Evaluation

      I have always had issues with using Tableau with Infobright Community Edition(ICE).

      There are some older threads describing a TDC to use, which I've used.


      However the problem I am having now is that Tableau reports an error communicating with the datasource.

      The error is from the MYSQL driver, "Brighthouse other specific error: type not supported".

      When I find the underlying SQL query and run it directly against ICE, I do indeed get the error message.

      Error Code: 1105

      Brighthouse other specific error: type not supported


      The formatted SQL query is below.

      Does anybody know what might be causing this, and is there some way of stopping this occuring (e.g. in a TDC file).



        `subscription_model`.`suboffer_id` AS `none_suboffer_id_ok`,


          DISTINCT `subscription_model`.`user_id`

        ) AS `usr_Calculation_8360327173757343_ok`



      WHERE (


            `subscription_model`.`subscription_type` = 'current'


          AND (








                  3 * (



                    ) - 1

                  ) + 1


                '-01 00:00:00'


              INTERVAL 0 SECOND

            ) = TIMESTAMP('2014-01-01 00:00:00')



      GROUP BY 1 ;