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    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a table (I'm open to a chart too if that works best) to display "select all that apply" data.

    Amanda Bramlett

      I have a survey dataset that contains information about cup sizes and prices offered in restaurants.

      Each restaurant (one obesrvation) can have multiple cup sizes...so each cup size is a single field.

      For each selected cup size, the restaurant indicated a price. I have "averaged" these prices across restaurants to get the average cup price for each cup size.


      Example data:




      Say I have 5 stores...I'd like to make a simple table with columns being:

      Cup Size OfferedStore CountPercent of StoresAvg Price
      10 oz360%$1.00
      20 oz5100%$1.30
      30 oz240%$1.50
      40 oz240%$1.75



      Can someone please help?