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    Connecting two sheets

    Anuja S Krishnan

      I am trying to connect two worksheets to do some calculations and seem to be having issues. Can anyone help please?!


      The data is accounting data that lists targets, actuals and some other related measures.


      1) I am attaching an Data.xlsx here. I have sheet "AGG" which shows "TARGET" which is always available only at an aggregate "Category" level. The "Raw" sheet is at a "Job_ID" level but this can be aggregated by "Category". I have done this aggregation in the "AGG" sheet using a formula.I want to add a calculated field in Tableau to arrive at the "Shortfall" which is difference between "TARGET" minus "ActualSpend"


      I could use "AGG" sheet itself as my input data source to build tables in Tableau but then I want to able to use some dimensions in the "Raw" as filters so I want to use only the "TARGET" from the AGG sheet and nothing else!


      2) I am also attaching a .twbx where I have two worksheets using these two worksheets individually but I need a way to connect them both so I can calculate the difference between the two columns!