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    Selection of presenters at your TUG meetings

    Rina Bongsu-Petersen

      Hi  there, hope you all are doing well.


      Have you guys had Alteryx present at your meeting? They contacted me recently asking to do a presentation at our meeting.

      I'm hesitated cause we don't want a sales presentation but on the other hand, they have a great tool that many big data Tableau users might find useful.


      We had one occasion where a Tableau consulting company presented and it turned into a sales session. And I'm seeing more and companies want to present at the TUG meetings. That's understandable since Tableau is growing, so there will be more and more companies have become Tableau consultants. How do you select who to present and who NOT to present?


      Thought I throw it out to you guys to see if you have any thoughts.  THanks!!


      Rina Petersen

      Chi-TUG (Chicago TUG)