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    Dynamic Description Box

    Weily Shay

      Is it possible to make a customized description box on Tableau that can change according to what action filter you are clicking? For example, if certain things on my dashboard are filtered (Project, Employees per Project) could I create a description box that would show something like


      "You are now viewing (Selected Project) and All Employees in that Project)"


      If I clicked an Employee Name then I'd want the description box to show something similar except with an employee name ("You are now viewing (Selected Project) and Karl Lager")


      I found something similar to what I want: Dynamic Dashboard Titles - The Information Lab . I tried using this technique but my problem is if I use this, the description box will show ALL Projects if I don't click on a specific one and I would like it to either show "ALL" or the specific project I click on. Is there any way around this?