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    Is it possible to stack worksheets in a dashboard for dynamic display?

    Renee Allen

      First let me say, I am new to Tableau! I am working on a dashboard where I need to stack worksheets in a dashboard and dynamically show each worksheet based upon certain criteria being highlighted. The driving worksheet is the CLABSI Overball Bundle Compliace seen below (top image). When clicking on an element (represented on the graph as lines) such as "accessing the line" the dashboard should populate the graph associated with that data below the overall bundle compliance worksheet. While it works well to highlight that particular element I am running into a couple issues.



      clabsi 3.png

      clabsi screen shot.png

      1. When clicking on a different element (such as cap change) the accessing the line graph does not hide. (It is only hidden when clicking on white space in the top CLABSI Overall Bundle Compliance graph). The dashboard action is set to run on selecting accessing the line only and exclude all values upon clearing the section.


      clabsi 2.png

      2. Is there any way to stack worksheets on top of each other? Ultimately the goal is to click on the element in the Overall Bundle Compliance graph and have the appropriate graph populate below. I have tried stacking the element worksheets in the lower section but, I can't get it to bring to front the appropriate element graph.


      I have not posted here before, so please let me know if you need any other information!



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Renee,


          Welcome to the forums! Usually it's helpful for us to have a Tableau packaged workbook with sample data that represents your situation, and ideally a mockup of your desired results. For an explanation why, see http://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-5065.


          That said, I think what you mean by "stacking" is that you want to show and hide certain worksheets based on selections in another worksheet. This can be by putting the target worksheets in a layout container, then using parameters or selection of dimensions to filter them in (on) or out (off). Joshua Milligan set up a bunch of examples in this post: Sheet Selection on Steroids | VizPainter. One potential issue is that I can't tell whether would be the case for you is if you are using Measure Names/Values to show the Bundle Compliance measures, that is *not* supported for a Filter Action. You'd need to do something like use a parameter or reshape the data so that the measure names were members of a dimension.


          Hope this helps!