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    Embedded Password for Datasource

    Anirudh Koutha



      We have a situation where the connection details used for Live SQL server Data source and run scheduled extracts (Full/Incremental) need to be independent of Tableau Run as Service account and should be an AD account. I don't see an option apart from having a SQL server account (embed the password) and use it.

      1. Is there any alternative in which I could achieve this as Embed password is not fully trusted Authorization.

      2. If there is no other alternative, where are these embedded password stored? - In Configuration files as encrypted or in Tableau Database.


      Please help me out with this.




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          Russell Christopher

          Sounds like you may have used Windows Auth when you established your data source which points to SQL Server instead of using a Standard SQL Server uid/password. If you do this, you can't embed the password.


          Change the original data source to use Standard Credentials (sa/password, as a bad example), and then when you publish the workbook, you can embed these credentials in the workbook.