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    Circle in geographical map with union query

    Sat P

      I have created a geopraphical report and circle radius, to meet the requirement i have used Union query.I was able to plot the circle based on Latitude, Longitude and Radius


      We have quick filter on Region, Name & Level, which have Null as one of the filter.
      If we exclude "Null" the circle plotting is not done.

      I want to exlcude the "Null" value only from filter and also plot the radius circle



      S1.Longitude  as Longitude
      S1.Latitude  as Latitude
      S1.Region as Region
      S1.Name as Name
      S1.Level as Level
      Null as Degree
      From S1
      S2.Longitude  as Longitude
      S2.Latitude  as Latitude
      S2.Region as Region
      S1.Name as Name
      S2.Level as Level
      Null as Degree
      From S2
      null  as Longitude
      null as Latitude
      null as Region
      Null as Name
      3 as Level
      Null as Degree
      From degree

      Note : The degree table have 1 to 360 number to plot the circle in 360 degree

      How can we acheive this ?

      Appreciate your time and help,