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    % Difference, 1 week data and MTD (Month to Date) Data in a single row

    Aman Lamba



      In the attached workbook, I want the % difference, the most recent week's users and MTD users in 1 row. If I use a Table Calculation for % Difference, I need atleast 2 weeks of data to display the correct precent difference. Also, for calculating MTD I'm using a Running Sum, but when you change this Running Sum to restart every month Tableau changes the view of the report completely.


      So, either of the below will work:

      1. We get the result in 1 row i.e.

      Current Week Users, % Difference from previous week and MTD Users( March 1 till March 11)


      2. We sort the week descending, use Index() to get the recent 2 week's data and arrange the Running Sum as such to get correct MTD since the Running Sum should be in descending order as well. But then, is it possible to get MTD without Date filter?


      Also, the workbook is in Tableau 8.0!


      Any help/idea is appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!