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    Using the command prompt to refresh a workbook on server

    Kes Harding



      I'm trying to schedule refreshing data on Tableau Server using VisualCron, so the refresh can be triggered by a flag generated when the data warehouse is ready, rather than at a specific time. This involved creating a .cmd file to execute and to test this I am trying to refresh extracts from the command prompt.


      I have successfully managed to refresh an extract which has been published specifally as a data source. What I am struggling with is refreshing a workbook where the extracts were published as part of the workbook. I have located the .tde files on the server and have tried using tableau refreshextract --original-file [file path and name] to refresh but it keeps asking me for a datasource name!


      Is there anyway to refresh the extracts within a published workbook without separately publishing the datasources it uses? (Using the command prompt.)