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    March ATUG Event - Attend the TableauExperience on Tue., March 18 or Thur., April 10

    Andy Piper

      In lieu of a March ATUG meeting, I encourage you to attend one of the two TableauExperience taking place before and after our normal third Thursday meeting time. At the TableauExperience you will see product demos and presentations on some of the new features coming to Tableau and have the opportunity to ask questions of Tableau employees from various facets of the company (development, sales, marketing, etc.).


      To sign up for the TableauExperience on the 18th, please visit this link (http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/events/the-tableau-experience-Atlanta-Mar18-2014). If you cannot make this Tableau road show, Tableau will be conducting a second Atlanta TableauExperience on April 10th (http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/events/the-tableau-experience-Atlanta-Apr10-2014).


      There will be quite a few ATUG members present at both events that you could meet up with to experience the road show. Also, please spread the word to others you meet about our user group.


      Our next ATUG meeting will be Thursday, April 24th from 1-4PM at the Slalom Consulting offices near Lenox Mall - yes, it is the fourth Thursday this month because the third Thursday falls during Easter week this year. More information about this meeting (including signup and directions) will be posted before/in early April.