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    The Ultimate URL Parameter Challenge

    Michael Lance



      There are 2 server addresses from which Tableau users in my organization can access views; one for "on campus" and one for "off campus."


      I am attempting to create a situation whereby the user only has to choose one link (posted on an internal site) for "on campus views" or "off campus views" and the rest of the process works with the correct server address.

      i.e. http://<on campus server address>/workbook/view/<parameter>=value


      I then need to create a published workbook that detects the parameter part of the URL from which the user came and links to other workbooks with the same server address. This may seem like an extra step, but these other workbooks are selected based on a decision matrix, so it's a necessary step.


      The "links" mentioned in the previous sentence go to views that are from published dashboards.

      Each dashboard is simply displaying another tableau view (I entered the URL by clicking on "web page" on the left of the dashboard).


      At this point, the view that is nested within the dashboard needs to have the correct server address based on, you guessed it, "on campus" or "off campus."


      Since I am using dashboards, I tried to create a parameter, float it onto the dashboard, and use it to parameterize the URL in the "Web Page" box. Unfortunately, this has not worked.


      Do I need to use a filter in the dashboard instead of a parameter?

      This would present a challenge because I would then need to somehow integrate the filter into the dashboard, which I'm not sure is possible.


      To be sure, here are the layers:

      1. original on or off campus link leading to...

      2. decision matrix with links leading to...

      3. published dashboards with...

      4. embedded Tableau views





      P.S. Sorry if this is unclear. I'll try to post a sample workbook if needed.