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    I need to calculate Idle time of a case

    Abhilash M


      Hi All,


      I am developing a metrics which requires to showcase Idle time of a case, Need help to create a calculation filed :

      Data type of "Case Last Modified date" is in "Date & time" formate

      I am expecting the formula should get me the below result :

      If case is in Open status it should calculate 'today - the last modified date' which gives me the idle time

      else mark it as closed.


      I tried something which resulted an error:


      IF[Case Status]='Open' THEN TODAY() - [Case Last Modified Date]

      ELSE 'Closed Case'





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          Darin Coulter

          I think your mixing data types of your output from the calculation and incorrectly trying to find the difference between two dates...You need to use the DateDiff() function to find the difference between the 2 dates.  If you want the Integer and String output mixed, then you need to convert the difference of the dates to a string using the STR() function:


          IF [Case Status] = 'Open' THEN STR(DateDiff('day', [Last Modified Date], Today()))

          ELSE "Closed Case"



          If that's what you want - that should get you there...



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