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    Mark annotation and the color on the state disapear on Region  when there's no data in the State that it points at

    Ellie C.

      hi all, here's my case:


      I am trying to get total number of people by US regions, using mark annotation to show the regional number, and using different color for the 4 regions. When putting the mark annotation on a region( say West, I have to click one spot(it actually is a State, say Utah) on that region to get the WindowSum(Sum(PeopleId)) for the total number of that region.

      Then if there's no people in the State Utah, which happens when a filter being used, like Age > 80, the color of state Utah disappears along with the annotation.

      So my question is: how to display the total  umber of the region(if mark annotation is not the only way, please tell me which one I can use, or if the mark annotation is the right one to use, how to keep it on the report)  and keep the color of the state when there's possibility of no data for any of states in a region.