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    Complex selection: select a group in which exists...

    Philip Groeting



      I am stumbling over a selection puzzle in one of my Tableau workbooks which I couldn't even express in SQL, but maybe there ist someone having an idea...

      I have a dataset looking like this


      It contains some lines, where for a {costcentre, costtype} lines exist, in which the actual exceeds the budget. The costtypes are grouped.

      The desired resultset would be to filter to those groups, where a cost overrun exists, but then take all the lines from that group:



      My question is: is something like that even possible?

      In Tableau, whether this is done by doing some magic on the datasource or by some calculated field, I wouldn't know. At the moment, I would do 2 steps at data loading time, which is less dynamic (first setting a field "above_budget" on the red lines, then extending this marker to all green lines).

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          Dylan Snyder

          Hi Philip,


          Give this a try:


          1) Create a calculated field that checks whether actual > budget. Something like:


          2) Add this calculated field to your crosstab and edit your table calculation (right click measure > edit table calculation) so that you partition by contcentre and costtype_group. This will make all rows for each costcentre/costtype_group 1 if any of the rows within their partition meet the criteria of your calculated field.


          3) Add this field as a filter and remove all rows (costcentre/costtype_group combinations) where your calculated field = 0.

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            Philip Groeting

            Thanks a lot, Dylan!

            I would never have come up with such a way and it took me a while to understand. I've got it now, it's working perfectly fine and it's incredibly easy!