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    Viz Quiz

    Corey Turner

      Here at Spokane Public Schools, we have been using this method to teach people what to expect from Tableau when dragging pills around.


      Tableau is super intuitive, but there is learning curve for being able to build a viz efficiently. So the overall goal of this exercise is to be able to look a any viz and know exactly how many pills you will need, what color they are (discrete, continuous), and what shelves they live on.


      So.. How do you do the quiz??


      Show a viz (specifically a sheet) in presentation mode to your "students". Then your students can choose from a list of dimensions and measures listed on the sheet (maybe include some distractor fields) and place them on the appropriate shelves with the correct aggregation. Once all the pills are placed, they must color each pill blue or green. Sometimes it is appropriate for a pill to be gray, but I think that is only when a field applies to more than one axis (which the current sheet doesn't support).



      Just a few nuances about how this works... Color and Size shelves can only have one pill. But with v8 of Tableau Text can have as many pills as you want, within reason.


      With the worksheet above, it isn't very friendly for measure values / measure names, dual axis stuff, etc. But I hope someone can improve this! Sorry it isn't as pretty as the real Tableau Desktop, but I built it in Word so I did the best I could .


      I also have a feeling that Tableau probably already does something like this internally.


      If you have any ideas on how this could work better, or have any questions give me a shout. Thanks



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          Emily Kund

          I think I just flunked the quiz.  How exactly does this work?  If it's built in word, do you print it out and hand it out to people? Doesn't the number of pills you need (and their colors) depend on the question being asked? I'm sorry if I'm not getting it.  Is the audience folks w/ desktop? If so, then could they do it in Tableau? 


          Thanks in advance for not scoffing too loudly at my questions


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            Corey Turner

            Oops! Sorry if my first post didn't make much sense.


            Yes it is meant to be a print out... and your audience is whoever uses Desktop that doesn't understand how tableau generates layouts.


            I typically write some options for dimensions and measures on each sheet, then everyone sits down together and looks at a viz on a projector and writes where they think each pill goes. Then you can keep it short and it can be a good source of competition.


            This would be possible for them to do at their desk on Desktop, but you would need a data source or use sample data.


            Although it is easy in tableau to guess what needs to be done and just drag things around. Viz Quiz is designed to help people know EXACTLY where pills go and what color they are (so the differences between dimension, discrete, continuous) and increase efficiency and understanding of tableau desktop.


            There is another skill that can be learned from just looking at viz and that is *roughly* knowing how your underlying data is shaped. Formatting and calculated fields can throw this off a little bit, but just a thought.