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    Tableau Vs Spotfire

    Rachit Shyam

      Hi , This is Rachit here.

      Was using Tableua earlier for dashbording. Just started using Spotfire.

      I find Tableau far more convinient than Spotfire. Any comments ??

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          Angad Sodhi

          You just need to get used to it mate..

          I am an expert at Spotfire and new to Tableau and I feel the other way around


          You can always buzz me for Spotfire specific questions.


          Tableau has a lot of options scattered in a lot of places. Calculations at one place, formatting options in another, row/column shelves that dont make much sense for non-tabular charts. In Spotfire you can simple right-clk and select 'Create Detailed Visualization'.

          You are saved the headache of first creating sheets, then dashboards and then setting actions.


          But Tableau has some distinct advantages as well. In short you just need to get used to any tool