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    Optimal Data Structure when coming from a RDBMS

    Fareeza Khurshed

      So this is a made up example, but I think it approximates my actual data/issue.


      I have 3 tables of information, 2 of which are lookup tables, probably in a SnowFlake Pattern.


      Table 1 - Recipe List - List of recipes with information on the recipes, serving size, calories

      Table 2 - Ingredient List - List of ingredients for recipe's in Table 1, includes items/quantities.

      Table 3 - Food Diary List - List of consumed recipes and the servings consumed.


      Some of the questions I'm looking to be able to answer are:

      How many days did I eat X? Where X is Carrots
      How many days did I eat X and Y?
      How many days did I eat X or Y?

      How many total calories (full meals) did I consume when I ate carrots?


      I'm looking for advice on how to structure my data to bring it in to Tableau. References and links are appreciated.


      Sample data is in attached Excel file.