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    Dynamically Changing TableAU Dashboard Size Using TableAU Viz API

    Mohit Gupta

      Hi , I have a Tableau Project, which has 4 Dashboards published as tabs.

      Each Dashboard/Tab has a different Height and Width.


      I am using ASP.Net for this.

      So, on every TAB-Selection . I want to change the Tableau-Viz's Height and Width.


      I am well aware of TableAU API just not finding the correct function for changing the size dynamically.

      I don know, which is the function for it :

      1) setFrameSize() or

      2) changeSizeAsync.


      And how to use it.


      This is really getting critical now. I am good to deploy it. Just a little Change in Height/Width.


      Please answer this.

      Thanks in advance.