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    Tableau Server - Administration Role Discussions




      I've yet to come to a user meeting, just due to my schedule, but I'm curious how the turnout is?

      Also really, I'm more curious about the amount of users who come from the server admin role.

      Specifically more of a role where you admin the Windows servers and the backend of the Tableau Server app.


      Thats my role, I don't really manage the admin from inside the app, where you add users, security etc, however I have been trained on it.

      I come from the Data Center side of my company, Seagate Technology, and I install the app, support it, make sure its up and running and configured correctly, etc. I work hand and hand with the Tableau Admin, on a daily basis, but I'm more from the IT role, with lots of experience installing and configuring the Tableau Server and troubleshooting it.


      So would these meetings be a good thing for me to join, is there enough content that I could benefit from?

      If its mainly about vizs and designs etc, I don't think thats good for me, but if there is "Server" talk then I'm glad to come.


      I have some specific issues that I'm not sure Tableau is aware of that I don't know how to approach or get the information to the right people inside Tableau to have them addressed, and are maybe already being addressed, but I don't know about. Specifically how Tableau handles an HA install on VMWare when the VMWare environment is setup to use VMotion and moves the VMWare Servers from host to host, Tableau seems to always break and sometimes gets pretty corrupted.


      So I'm just trying to reach out and find out if this is a good place to start with my Tableau crusades from a local level.




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          Philip DuBois

          HI there Chris


          I'm fairly new to tableau, but perform a similar role for my organization.  There isn't a lot of server users at the group, but that won't change if you don't show up!


          I've got several ESXi installs, but haven't put tableau server on any of them yet.  Some of my requirements keep me from doing that (at the moment).  I'd love to meet and chat.


          As far as attendance, it varies.  Off the cuff, maybe up to 35 on the busiest meets?  As thin as 15 or 20 maybe.  Good stuff for networking and finding out what other people are doing.

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            Thanks Philip!


            There are lots of things I can tell you about having the Tableau HA setup on VMWare, we can chat about that.

            When is the next meeting, I don't think I've gotten my email yet.