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    Text Table Background Color Issue on Tableau Server 8.1.3

    Nate Valentin

      We are experiencing a background coloring issues when we publish a dashboard with a text table to Tableau Server. The banding behind the columns appear to be a grey color. We have changed all the row banding formatting and the problem remains. If we change the transparency to around 75% the banding disappears on the desktop client; as soon as it is published the banding shows though.


      We think that it might be an issue with the desktop client bc when we look at a dashboard that was published to Tableau Server with the

      8.07 desktop client the banding issue does not show. Also, if we change from a table to a graph and replace the bars with text then the we can get it to display "correctly" but we still have to lower the transparency.


      It appears that every visual has a grey background to it, line graphs, text tables, bar graphs.. everything that we have worked has a grey background when transparency is set to full.


      Any help would be appreciated.

      2-6-2014 10-38-28 AM.png2-6-2014 10-38-34 AM.png2-6-2014 10-38-42 AM.png2-6-2014 10-37-48 AM.png2-6-2014 10-41-13 AM.png