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    Configuring the title of dashboard

    Bharath Dasari

      I have 3 Dimensions. Plant Name, Material Code and Material Name. Added all these in the work sheet, i filtered and chose a Plant in US, made only Material codes available used in this plant by selecting the option 'only Relevant Values' and chose the same for Material Name. This gives me sales of that Material (Material Name), each material has unique code (Material Code). Now i dragged this worksheet to Dashboard, Edited the Title and gave following name 'Sales of Plant <Plant Name>' for Material:<Material Name>.


      The title is fine, it showing the right title in terms of Plant name but displaying all values of Material Name in the dashboard title. Am i missing anything here?

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          Adam Sexton

          I'm having the same type of issue. I'm doing a Region, Sub-Region1, and Sub-Region2. My region shows correctly, as does my Sub-Region1. However, my Sub-Region2 is showing all values, not just those that are relevant.


          The filters are working correctly, only showing the relevant values, but the title is showing everything. Hopefully someone will chime in with a solution.