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    Custom diverging colour scheme

    Manish Bhatt

      In attached workbook you will find two views

      1. Market Summary

      Requirement - Show RED color for bubble only when Profit is lesser than 0 (i.e loss). When Profit is higher than 0, show shades on green color depending on the value of profit.

      Issues - Currently it shows smaller profit as RED and bigger profit as GREEN


      2. Channel Summary

      Requirement - Show RED color for bubble only when actual value of ROI Calc is less than the forecast value of ROI Calc. Note Forecast ROI Calc is in the 2nd data source (2nd xls file)


      Please advise steps for doing above custom diverging colour scheme.

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          Aaron Clancy

          In your first example, the data doesn't seem to contain both positive and negative values.

          The way you would get the desired result (if I understand your requirement correctly) would be to manually set the center point to zero, (although if your data had positive and negatives this should happen automatically)

          If you want it to be a solid red for all negatives then set your start value to something like -1 with "Use full color Range"

          (I used red white green diverging)

          Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.53.17 AM.png

          All negatives will be solid red and all positives will be shades of green based off of the measure.



          The second request just requires a color calc.

          I don't know what the relationship of your two data sources is but the calc would look something like:


          IF [ROI Calc] > [Sheet1 (Sample Forecast File_CPA.xls)].[Forecast ROI Calc] THEN -1 ELSE [Some Measure] end

          Put that calc on your color shelf and configure the color settings similar to the above.


          ( I put "Some Measure" in the above calc because I'm not sure what you want shown if actual ROI is > than forecasted)