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    Show averages across different organization levels - Calculations

    Christopher Beck

      I am trying to show sales at 4 different levels.

      1. Average Sales - Level based on filter criteria (there are 3 filters to choose from)

      2. District average sales (Average of all districts if no filters applied, or average of current district selected)

      3. Zone average sales (Average of all zones if no filters applied, or average of current zone selected)

      4. National average sales (constant, theoretically)

      You could view these 4 levels as a hierarchy (from lowest to highest) Store, District, Zone, Nation


      I am having trouble getting the averages to show correctly. You will see in the file that zone, with no filters applied, is showing the incorrect average. Any assistance to get this working would be greatly appreciated.


      I feel like this is good except for the zone average. If someone wouldn't mind checking my % calculations as well, I would appreciate that They are simply showing % change of selected vs the various organizational buckets.




      Chris B