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    Javascript: getMarksAsync() of MarksEvent returns nothing if select on header

    Nay Lin Soe



      I'm not sure where to raise this since Tableau Support does not support JS API. My previous issues with JS were discussed only on this forum by members like Eric Howard. So here I go again.


      One thing I've noticed in Javascript getMarksAsync() of MarksEvent is that it does not return marks for all types of selections. By all types of selections, I mean,

      1) clicking on one mark

      2) drawing a marquee box around multiple marks

      3) clicking on a header (selecting all the marks associated with the header)

      as demonstrated by the following screenshot (in order):


      While all the 3 types of selection raise MarksEvent, when the corresponding getMarksAsync() is called, only the first 2 types return the marks. In 3), I'm consistently observing that the getMarksAsync() of the raised MarksEvent returns nothing for the marks.


      I think it is an inconsistency. Either this is not a MarksEvent (and therefore no marks), or this is a MarksEvent with the selected marks returned. For me, it should be the latter because there are times a user will click on the header to select all the marks for that header, and it is recognised by filter actions.


      Are your experiences different from mine?