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    Automatic Logon not working


      I am trying to get automatic logon working for our tableau server.  When we installed tableau I selected Use Active Directory, filled in the domain, nickname was server name, and selected Enable Automatic Logon.


      Now when we go to the tableau site we get the error Authentication Failed Request ID: UukI4QoKPRWAAAnsX98AAAC3.


      If we click the link to logon with windows credentials, we can login fine using our username and password.


      I checked if the guest user account was enabled and I believe its not, but I basically ran through all the maintenance screens and couldn't find the word guest anywhere.


      There is a Tableau Software account that came pre-installed, could that be messing it up?  I unlicensed it, should I delete it?


      Any idea on what I may be missing?