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    Strip RTF tags from a field in an Access linked table, which pulls a rich-text field from a SharePoint list.

    David Roers

      I have an Access table linked to a rich-text field in a SharePoint list. In Access, it masks the RTF codes for the most part (or you can use Access' PlainText() function), but when Tableau reads it, it sees all the RTF tags, like this:


         <div class ="ExternalClsss....."><p>This is the only text I want <span style = ... You get the idea.


      Has anyone come up for a way to strip out the RTF/HTML tags (other than creating a SQL function)?  The PlainText() function isn't recognized by Tableau. And even if I edit the SharePoint list to convert the rich-text field into a plain-text field, it not so helpfully also converts the tags to plain text.