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    How can I keep import of CSV from truncating values when using SQL Custom connection?

    Jeffrey Smith

      Due to some current processes, I have several files which I manipulate in Access, then export to csv, and then UNION in Tableau custom connection.  I am using Tableau Desktop.


      I have a truncation issue during the custom connection.


      In the source file, the manipulated Access file, and the output csv file

      RECORD     Var1(this is a double)

      Record1     0.733333333333

      Record2     0.4

      Record3     0.266666666666667

      Record4     0.0333333333333333

      Record5     0.9333333333333333


      When I UNION and import into Tableau I get

      Record1     0.72

      Record2     0.4

      Record3     0.26

      Record4     0.03

      Record5     0.92


      You can see it is not only truncating, but not rounding up/down consistently or anything either.

      I am perplexed.  Any help here?